Preparing for retirement is critical if you want to enjoy the second half of your life.Especially in times like these,an effective retirement strategy begins by thinking about your priorities in retirement. How do you define a successful l retirement? What really matters? Thoughtful planning can help lead to a retirement that delivers on what you care about most,ensuring an active, satisfying life in your retirement years.

Strategic Wealth Advisory Group can help you assess,calculate,and effectively address your retirement future.Our advisors can guide you through the appropriate steps to help you build a solid retirement strategy.

ENVISION YOUR RETIREMENT: Baby boomers are reinventing retirement. Pursuing the retirement you want, starts with your own personalized description.The sooner and more carefully you plan,the more likely you are to enjoy yourself when retirement actually comes.
DETERMINE WHAT RETIREMENT WILL COST: Effective retirement planning means assessing your retirement needs and anticipating their costs. A comprehensive retirement income strategy should include quantifying your expenses, assets, and other income sources. Planning now may determine whether you'll have enough income to enjoy in your retirement. Think about your big ticket expenses, as well as your income sources.
FUNDING YOUR RETIREMENT: A successful retirement strategy includes identifying and maintaining income streams.Your retirement strategy sho uld identify and manage your income throughout yo ur retirement.
Consider these questions: When should you begin Social Security benefits? How can you generate the income you need for retirement? What strategies can help you make the most out of the sources you have?

PROTECTING YOUR RETIREMENT INCOME: Generate and protect your lifelong stream of retirement income. Creating a reliable stream of income is an important step toward securing an enjoyable retirement,but just as important is protecting it.

TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR RETIREMENT: Managing retirement has changed. It is no longer a fixed date,or easily managed by a company pension. It is a dynamic state affected by yo ur priorities,inflation,volatile markets, your lifespan,rising healthcare costs,and other variables.That's why it's more important than ever to have an effective retirement income strategy to help you maintain the lifestyle you want in your retirement. Let Strategic Wealth Group Advisory take you step-by-step through the retirement stages.